Media Releases

To keep our viewers up-to-date, we have published our media releases here for you to be better informed of our station programming and on-air events.

Latest Media Releases:

Sunday NIght (Release date April 10)

Seven Sport This Weekend (Release date April 10)

Tom Williams and Ben O'Donoghue's Singapore Sling (Release date April 7)

The Masters Broadcast (Release date April 3)

Under The Hammer (Release date March 31)

The Big Adventure (Release date March 31)

My France with Manu (Release date March 24)

AFL on Seven (Release date March 13)

Talking Footy Returns (Release date March 6)

Mick Molloy joins Saturday Night Footy (Release date February 26)

Seven Perth Top Rating Station in Australia for 2013 (Release date December 2)

Seven Network Wins Two Walkley Awards (Release date November 29)