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Channel Seven Perth is located in Perth, Western Australia.

We are Perth's favourite commercial TV station. Welcome to our site, where we endeavour to give you extra value to our on-air presence in the Perth community.

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Seven News Perth is constantly gathering News through its state, national and international bureaus.

With bulletins at 11:30am, 4:30pm and 6.00pm, Seven News gives you the complete picture of what is happening.

Today Tonight hosted by Monika Kos

Perth's Today Tonight is written and produced in Western Australia. Presented by Monika Kos, it highlights local and interstate current affair stories.

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Telethon commenced in 1968 and has now raised over $100 million for the kids of Western Australia. Community groups all over W.A. raise money all through the year for Telethon. Every year the money raised all comes together on the Telethon Weekend held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre with 7 Network personalities flying in from all over Australia to participate along with Australia's best music artists.

To find out more on how to raise money for Telethon or to donate, please follow this link. Read more ...

Sunrise 7am news with Natalie Barr & Matt Tinney

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Celebrating 15 years and achieving 500 episodes in 2014.

Reaching an unprecedented milestone this year Channel Seven's HOME in WA TV series celebrates its 15th year on 7 - an outstanding 'local' success story since it began in the year 2000. Around August this year it will reach record 500 episodes that have been telecast across Perth metro but also throughout regional WA on GWN7.

Created by experienced Executive Producer Ron (Dingo) Reddingius and his skilled production team, HOME in WA is designed to entertain and inform viewers about what's new for our homes. New products, builders, land estates, services, furnishings and finishes for our homes. Information and features for those who intend to invest build or renovate property in Western Australia. It is successful because it showcases 'local' services and builders in WA. To see the programme and go to the HOME in WA website click here.

The recently re-designed HOME in WA website provides additional resource with all the stories posted as videos clips plus it contains contact information for hundreds upon hundreds of businesses and products if you are building or improving your home.

Join HOME in WA, Saturdays at 4.30pm. If you'd like more information regarding the programme or participation in the longest running and most successful 'home' TV series in WA, give Ron a call on 0417 279 103.

The West Real Estate

The West Real Estate Program seeks and shares advice on buying, selling, investing, decorating and enhancing your home and property. Join Peter Rowsthorn, Dan Paris and the rest of the team as we seek advice from local real estate professionals and explore some wonderful companies and products.

To visit The West Real Estate website click here.

Zoom TVZoom TV

If you love cars, boats or planes then you'll love Zoom TV on 7 Mate. Aaron Pitt and the rest of the Zoom team explore all things that fly, drive and float - taking you along for the experience.

To visit the Zoom TV website click here.