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Today Tonight is a locally produced current affairs and community interest program tailored for Western Australian viewers. Background detailed information for stories that have gone to air can be obtained by clicking on the latest stories shown:

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12 October 2015

Today Tonight-Get fit for free

Summer is just around the corner and if you're thinking about getting fit, this might be the motivation you need.

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12 October 2015

Today Tonight-Pretty Poisons

The everyday products that could put kid's lives at risk.

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9 October 2015

Today Tonight-Africa School

Perth school children take books, uniforms, even food for granted, but it's not like that for kids in one of the world's poorest nations.

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8 October 2015

Today Tonight-Perth Breakfast

The dining-out revolution that's taken Perth by storm, Breakfast is now one of the most popular bookings of the day.

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6 October 2015

Today Tonight-Zhivago

From Lady Gaga to the Kardashians - some of America's hottest celebrities are wearing clothes designed and made in Western Australia.

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5 October 2015

Today Tonight-Cell Treatment

The cell treatment changing the lives of those living with Glioblastoma.

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1 October 2015

Today Tonight-Heritage Fight

A battle is being fought - between an elite girls school, and a group of angry locals who aim to maintain the area's heritage.

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24 September 2015

Today Tonight-Kids can't talk

Most parents have fought the battle to get their kids off the computer, but adults may need to lead by example.

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24 September 2015

Today Tonight-Margaret River wildflowers

Spring is the perfect season for wildflowers and our southwest is bursting with colour.

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