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Today Tonight is a locally produced current affairs and community interest program tailored for Western Australian viewers. Background detailed information for stories that have gone to air can be obtained by clicking on the latest stories shown:

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7 July 2015

Today Tonight-Winter Diet

As the temperature drops, many of us turn to food for comfort.

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6 July 2015

Today Tonight-School Holiday Hits

These winter school holidays there are heaps of fun, new activities to keep the kids busy.

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6 July 2015

Today Tonight-Holden Lemon

Iconic Australian car manufacturers Holden are in strife, with more than 20 safety defect recalls in less than 18 months.

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6 July 2015

Today Tonight - Pet Retreat

It's one of WA's most exclusive hotels - set among Margaret River's famous grapevines, the luxurious retreat offers individual suites, fine dining and plenty of fun activities. The only catch? It's exclusively for dogs.

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2 July 2015

Today Tonight - Skin Expert

Younger, clearer skin...the one vitamin fixing everything from acne to ageing.

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26 June 2015

Today Tonight -Recalled heaters that could be in homes

Winter is house fire season and while most blazes start in the kitchen, consumer authorities are concerned about the number of faulty heaters now responsible for fires.

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23 June 2015

Today Tonight - Lady Tradies

For decades, traditional trades have been dominated by men, but now the stereotype of a typical tradie is changing and more women are getting involved.

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22 June 2015

Today Tonight -Lost Super

How to boost your superannuation.

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19 June 2015

Today Tonight - Quirky Gardens

Buying enough compost for your entire garden can certainly add up, but some very clever Perth green- thumbs are making their own and not just with food scraps and lawn clippings - but with everyday items - from old underwear to vacuume cleaner bags.

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18 June 2015

Today Tonight -Animal Fitness

It's gives a whole new meaning to jungle gym.

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