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Today Tonight is a locally produced current affairs and community interest program tailored for Western Australian viewers. Background detailed information for stories that have gone to air can be obtained by clicking on the latest stories shown:

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17 July 2014

Today Tonight-Drive through ATMs

We live in a world where convenience rules.

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17 July 2014

Today Tonight-Perth Dash Cam

These are Perth drivers at their worst - all caught on dash cams.

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16 July 2014

Today Tonight-Bogan Wine

Jason "Sampy" Sampson and his mate Lurch are self-confessed bogans - They're also serious wine lovers..

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8 July 2014

Today Tonight-Matt Moran

He's the internationally acclaimed chef who can't get enough of Perth's produce.

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7 July 2014

Today Tonight-House Rules

If you would like to audition ...

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4 July 2014

Today Tonight -Seniors Gym

They're fit, strong and over sixty. Pushing and pulling, riding and rowing.

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4 July 2014

Today Tonight-House Rules

The race to the finish line for WA's House Rules team Carole and Russell.

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