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Today Tonight is a locally produced current affairs and community interest program tailored for Western Australian viewers. Background detailed information for stories that have gone to air can be obtained by clicking on the latest stories shown:

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27 August 2015

Today Tonight-Hypnosize

After years of struggling to lose weight, she thought she had tried everything.

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27 August 2015

Today Tonight-Credit cards

Most of us would have a credit card in our wallets. With the big banks and smaller lenders promising us rewards and vouchers for our business.

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27 August 2015

Today Tonight-Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger's father, Kim, is fronting a new campaign by not-for-profit group, Scriptwise.

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21 August 2015

Today Tonight -Therapy Gardens

We all feel relaxed in the garden, but what you probably don’t realise is your backyard could have healing powers.

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20 August 2015

Today Tonight -Totem - Cirque Du Soleil

It's one of the world's most spectacular performances; Cirque Du Soleil has thrilled audiences around the world.

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17 August 2015

Today Tonight-Self Defence

With internet-related crime on the rise, one Perth boss is so concerned, he's putting his staff through self- defence classes.

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14 August 2015

Today Tonight -The Australian Bee Gees

They've already conquered Vegas being named "best tribute band" in a town where it counts.

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13 August 2015

Today Tonight-NY Organist

Alessandro Pittorino has been playing the church organ for years.

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12 August 2015

Today Tonight-Doggy Day-care

Perth's doggy day-care centres are proving more and more popular with pet owners, who are paying to have their animals baby-sat while they're at work.

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